My name is Chi-Wai Li, Digital Creative, Entrepreneur and Blogger

My friends calls me Chi. I’m currently based in HK and this blog is a collection of lessons I’ve learnt on website design, creativity, business, entrepreneurship. I also write about where I think tech is going as well as a place for all the useful code snippets from all the genius developers that came before me. I love to chat and learn, so please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

Making Google Maps iFrame Responsive

I’ve been design a lot of websites for sport studio lately, and they often need google maps which uses iframes which by default only comes in 3 sizes: small @400px X 300px, medium @600px X 450px and large @800px X 600px. Which is great if you know the EXACT size of the end user’s screen size, since… Read more »

WordPress the_excerpt() not working with Chinese Text

WordPress’ excerpt is pretty useful, if the article doesn’t have predefined text as excerpt, it would  automatically create one using the first 55 words from your post to make one for you. If the original text is: The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny… Read more »

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Weekly Top 5 #14 22nd Feb 2015

One Gadget: Zolt Charger Why are MacBook chargers so heavy and ugly? These guys didn’t think it was necessary One Profile: The Shape of things to come on Jony Ivy #LongRead How much do you know about Apple’s famous lead designer Sir Jonathan Ive? One font tool: Wordmark for designers Ever had to… Read more »

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5 Cool things #13 15th Feb 2015

One Book: Creativity, Inc. What an incredible book by Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar. Wouldn’t expect anything less by such highly skilled story tellers. Everything from creativity to leadership and personal growth. Highly recommended. One Article: 20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are A really wonderful reminder on how far we have all… Read more »

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5 Cool Things #12 8th Feb 2015

One Guide: Getting starting to ECommerce (What should you sell) Shopify, one biggest name in hosted ecommerce solutions has created this guide to help you to build your own online shopping business  One Game: Space Invader with Hex Color If you are a web designer and played Space Invader as a kid, you might like this game. One Article:… Read more »

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Random thought: Smartlocks vs Locksmiths

So with the recent growth of internet of things (IOT), smartlocks are inevitable. Just last week the $99 Lockitron Bolt was released where users can lock/unlock door to the home with just their mobile phone and no key is needed. I wonder what the impacts are? Would we freakout more then ever if we lose our phone? What does… Read more »

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5 Cool Things #11 25th Jan 2015

One idea: A motivational alarm What if there’s an app that wakes you up every morning and show you a different motivation quote? Rather boring right? Now, what if the only way for you to shut off the alarm is for you to read out loud the motivational quote? Start your day on a good note… Read more »

Don’t forget to remove email address from your Facebook

So here’s a funny story. I view facebook as a public platform, I see as a tool to promote and share things that I like or find interesting. Its also a good place to expand my network. Which is why I would add my work email address onto facebook so people I’ve met can add me on there… Read more »

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5 cool things #10 – 18th Jan 2015

One Great offer: Productivity Bundle Package Really good value bundle pack for Evernote, Wunderlist, Pocket, and LastPass, seperately it would cost $185, now $60! One Video: Growth by Alex Schuitz Lecture by internet marketing and facebook growth VP guru on startup growth, very intelligent guy One Article: Being Mean A really nice article from Y-Combinator… Read more »