My name is Chi-Wai Li, Digital Creative and Tech Blogger and Entrepreneur

My friends calls me Chi. I’m currently based in HK and this blog is a collection of lessons I’ve learnt on website design, creativity, business development, entrepreneurship. I also write about where I think tech is going as well as a place for all the useful code snippets from all the genius developers that came before me. I love to chat and learn, so please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

Don’t forget to remove email address from your Facebook

So here’s a funny story. I view facebook as a public platform, I see as a tool to promote and share things that I like or find interesting. Its also a good place to expand my network. Which is why I would add my work email address onto facebook so people I’ve met can add me on there… Read more »

I spend a lot of time being scared

If I am to be absolutely honest about how I truly feel, I would tell you I am scared. I’ve long known about the Impostor Syndrome, yet I still can’t shake myself from it. I’m scared because of how little I know I’m scared I’m not really good enough to do what I’m hired to… Read more »

6 lessons I learnt from Google EYE, trip to Mountain view

EYE stands for Empowering Young Entrepreneurs, it’s a joint program from Google HK and Chinese University of Hong Kong to help students and young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to innovate and thrive in the startup scene in Hong Kong. The program started off with 900 applicants back in January and somehow I managed to get myself in a… Read more »

My Surprising Fear of Public Speaking

As a entrepreneur it’s inevitable for me to have to pitch my ideas to different people, whether it is to potential investors, partners, clients or just staff. I should be able to present my idea clearly. Last Friday was the 3rd time I had to present my idea in front of a group of people and… Read more »

Back to the world of HK startups! Joining

At the start of March, I finally took the plunge going back into the world of startups. I officially joined as a full time UX & Product developer. is local startup working on creating Hong Kong’s very own neighbourhood social network, it’s rather fascinating in what they (or we) are trying to build,… Read more »

The innovation of Moleskine

I personally don’t use Moleskine notebooks, mainly because I’m cheap but I have to say I admire their products and branding. It is incredibly how far they have taken a simple notebook? I saw their new ad for a new range of notebooks and it is incredible, they now have ones for musicians, one for rough… Read more »

My Startup Project:

Several months ago, I had the idea of developing, a website that promotes sports and fitness as well as provide a comprehensive listing of all Sports clubs, Yoga studios, Martial Dojos and Training Gyms available in Hong Kong. I wanted to build this website because I’ve been wanting to work on my own project… Read more »

5 Killer Mac Apps you should be using

I love my MacBook Pro, I think it’s amazing and I really enjoy doing my work with it. When it got rained on a few months ago and smoke started to come out, I even overcame the temptation to ‘upgrade’ to a smaller screen, since they don’t make 17″ MacBook Pros anymore. Still, I don’t think… Read more »

“How to disagree” from co-founder of Y-Combinator, Paul Graham

A very interesting essay I recently read from Y-Combinator co-founding Paul Graham on different types of disagreement and how you may be “attacked”. He details the difference between childish Name Calling “You smell” to Counter Argument “but as this data shows, the end result often behave like this” and Refuting the Central Point “Your case… Read more »

Ultimate guide for HK Startups: Office Space

There are a variety of co-working spaces in the Hong Kong area. Perfect for start ups and those seeking to be in an environment that fosters entrepreneurship, co-working spaces are an excellent way to get affordable office space. In addition, co-working spaces provide excellent networking opportunities with other business owners. X. Coffee Shops & Libraries… Read more »